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I thoroughly enjoy doing this work and take every opportunity I can to do more. However, with a family to provide for, I can’t just do this work for free, (as much as I might sometimes like to).


Obviously every project varies, and I try my best to keep things as affordable for you as I can. For film making I need to factor in time for initial meetings, scripting, storyboarding, prop-making, filming and editing, as well as equipment and materials. For my creative harvesting work costs vary depending on the level of consultation and planning needed, whether I am working as part of a team (who might take on some of the aspects of planning or harvesting), follow up work needed, and obviously the event or process itself.


I’m always really open to talking through a project and working with the budget you have, so please do get in touch and we can talk further.

Call me on 07930 364733 or email  


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