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creative harvesting.

I work with people to find creative ways to capture the essence and details of their meetings and processes. Sometimes this is through live graphic harvests; sometimes it is through designing approaches that allow those in conversations to gather their own insights; sometimes it is recording podcasts, taking photos, or creating a video diary of an event; often it is through mixing multiple methods. The important part for me is working with you to design and deliver an engaging, useful and comprehensive harvest. I also work with a highly skillful and experienced network of associates who specialise in designing and hosting participatory processes that draw out the collective wisdom of groups (more details of some of these associates can be found here). Follow the buttons below for examples of my work...

graphic harvesting.

Live graphic harvesting can add a creative and engaging element to a gathering, and also contribute to the collective sense-making of all the conversations, data, and ideas that emerge. These are some examples of graphic harvests I have recently done. Some are from weekend-long events others completed within 2 hour long meetings...

graphic harvesting


While photography isn't the mainstay of what I offer, I am able to help capture something of your event through taking pictures, (which I can often do in addition to graphic harvesting). If your budget allows I would usually recommend hiring a stand-alone photographer (see my associates page), however if you are looking for some simple reportage photography then I am able to help. Below are a few examples of photography work I have done...

leeds summat
Woollen connections
open source arts
DenFest At Tetley
borrowed planet


In addition to photography I can also offer videography.


A short video that relays something of the ethos and action of a gathering or event can be a great way to feed back to those who weren't able to be there, and encourage further participation in the future. The following are a few examples from recent events. Please see my communications page for more details of my other film work...

Videography examples

Videography examples

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